The very moment you step into a Godiva boutique, you are transported into an environment that invokes a sense of sheer indulgence, luxury and joy. We feel, passionately, that the ritual of enjoying chocolate should begin from the first moment you enter a Godiva boutique store. 

A lady shopping in one of Godiva's boutiques
Spoiled for choice at Godiva’s boutique in Shanghai

Godiva Boutiques: Then & Now

The very first Godiva flagship boutique was opened by the Draps family in 1948, in the heart of Grand Place, Brussels. The family created such striking window displays that Brussels natives would divert their evening walks in order to admire them.

Fast-forward to today and the art of creating theatre is still just as important to us, as well as beauty and forward-thinking innovation. Each space is unique, yet, wherever it is located in the world ranging customers from Turkey to Taiwan are able to gain a strong sense of our heritage. Every Godiva boutique has been carefully designed to respect its country’s environment and culture, while creating a look and feel that is still 100% “Godiva”.

Godiva’s open air café in Abu Dhabi’s Galleria Mall
Godiva’s open air café in Abu Dhabi’s Galleria Mall

 The Ultimate Chocolate Experience

In recent years, Godiva cafes have sprung up all around the world, offering visitors a relaxed space to enjoy chocolate drinks, cakes, pastries and confectionaries with a touch of Godiva’s signature theatricality.  Locations include China and the Middle East, as well as iconic venues such as London department store, Harrods. One highlight is the stunning open-air café in Abu Dhabi’s Galleria Mall, where visitors can sip a chilled cup of Chocolixir whilst viewing the waters outside.

Every boutique has been designed to respect its country's culture, while creating a look and feel that is still 100% 'Godiva'

Available in airports around the world, one of Godiva's most exciting global travel retail spaces is the 'Chocology' concept counter in Qatar's Hamad International Airport. Here, guests can watch chocolatiers prepare beautiful chocolate confections before their eyes. 

The 'Chocology' concept counter in Qatar Hamad International airport
The 'Chocology' concept counter in Qatar Hamad International airport

Godiva in Shanghai

One of our most exciting launches took place in 2015 with a new location in the Far East.

An iconic part of Godiva's theatrical legacy is the sumptuous Belgian chocolate fruit-dipping, creating theatre in each boutique window - something that delights passers-by worldwide as they stop to watch the action. Building on the lasting appeal of the 'dipping', in 2015, the Shanghai Xintiandi flagship boutique introduced live demonstrations in the Godiva Kitchen to allow people to watch the super-skilled chocolatiers at work.

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