Behind the scenes at Godiva, our talented team of chef chocolatiers are always hard at work creating and perfecting new chocolate recipes, experimenting with ingredients, flavours and textures.

Dream Team

Godiva's Belgium-trained chef chocolatiers are strategically located in key markets all over the world, creating the opportunity to tap into local ingredient resources and culinary trends. The chefs meet regularly to collaborate and bounce new ideas off one other, each bringing different ideas and ingredient suggestions from the culture they are based in. It is from these chefs' combined expertise, their knowledge of culinary trends and ardent passion for chocolate that new creations are born.

Meet the Chefs

Godiva Chef Thierry Muret
Chef Thierry Muret
Photography: Beatriz da Costa

Thierry Muret, Executive Chef Chocolatier

Chef Thierry is based in the US, it is his job to propagate the evolution of Godiva's chocolate range with new ideas and innovations, drawing upon his background in chemistry and science to bring the very best to future ranges. His elegant creations include the signature truffles, proprietary caramels, classic chocolates and Godiva's handcrafted bark.

Godiva chef Yannick chevolleau
Chef Yannick Chevolleau
Photography: Beatriz da Costa

Yannick Chevolleau, Chef Chocolatier Pâtissier

After working as a pâtissier in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in France, Chef Yannick moved to England, where he met his Japanese-born wife. Now he works for Godiva in Japan and is dedicated to dreaming up new chocolate recipes for Japan and Korea. 

Godiva Chef Ilse
Chef Ilse Wilmots
Photography: Beatriz da Costa

Ilse Wilmots, Chef Chocolatier

Another Brussels native, Chef Ilse started her career as a chocolatier in a pastry shop called Valentino, before joining Godiva’s Research & Development team. It was Chef Thierry who first spotted her talent, helping to nurture her passion, and flair for chocolate.  

Godiva chef Phillipe Daue
Chef Philippe Daue
Photography: Beatriz da Costa

Philippe Daue, Chef Chocolatier

Born into a family of high-flying chefs, Chef Philippe studied his art in Belgium, Paris and the UK, before touring the world as an Executive Pastry Chef in a number of five-star hotels across Europe and Asia. He is now based in Beijing with Godiva, working on the development of new chocolate and pastry creations for China and the Pacific Rim.

Godiva chef Jean Apostolou
Chef Jean Apostolou
Photography: Beatriz da Costa

Jean Apostolou, Chef Chocolatier

Belgian-born Chef Jean first began his career at 17 as a Chocolatier-Patissier at Patisserie Jacobs, where he learnt the foundations of the chocolate trade. After working with prestigious brands for over 32 years, Chef Jean joined Godiva with exceptional experience in chocolate-crafting.

Our talented team of chef chocolatiers are always hard at work creating and perfecting new chocolate recipes
The Godiva Anniversary Truffle Collection
The Godiva Anniversary Truffle Collection

The latest collection to be crafted by the hand of one of our chef chocolatiers is the stunning Anniversary Truffle Collection. Created by Chef Ilse to celebrate 90 years of Godiva, the collection is a multi-layered, multi-sensory journey of taste and texture crafted using premium ingredients from around the world.

But what is the inspiration behind the chef's chocolate artistry?

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